Cosmetics and personal care products are advertised as enhancing beauty and health. But did you know that some of these products contain mercury or even asbestos? Or that parabens used as preservatives have been linked to cancer and endocrine diseases? This course will teach you the issues related to these and other common additives in personal care products, and present both information that will help you avoid harmful chemicals and help you switch to healthy alternatives. 

This course is presented in Arabic, with English subtitles. Course materials are also in English. Please see our catalog for the complete Arabic version of this course.

Hi, I'm Oroba

Oroba Ahmed is the Founder of “Hands for Environment and Sustainable Development” non-profit organization. She is a civil engineer by profession and always has been passionate about environment subjects , so she has been an environmental activist since 2016. She has been working on various issues of Humans’ health -specially women and children- and motivated to implement safe environmental solution in Jordan for the last five years.

Some of her work was a series of workshops and lectures for mothers under the name of “toxic toys” to raise awareness about the harmful chemicals in toys and children products. This took place in three different cities across Jordan.

Furthermore, she held the first national conference about “talc powder” and worked with professionals from different governmental and medical institutions.

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This course "Chemical Cosmetics: Heavy metals, Talc powder, parabens and phthalates" is part of IPEN's Women and Chemicals training series. The course is presented in Arabic (with English subtitles) by Oroba Ahmed from Hands for Environment and Sustainable Development in Jordan.

This material has been produced with the financial contribution by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) through the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC). The views herein shall not necessarily be taken to reflect the official opinion of SSNC or its donors.